Dresser Style 126 | Split Sleeve

Nominal Size: 3 in
Outside Diameter: 3.8 in
SKU: 0126-0001-003
Weight: 122.9999 lb
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Product Features:

For repairing cast iron bell and spigot joints, Dresser Style 126 Bell-Pack Split Sleeves help avoid pipeline shutdowns offering a fast, economical and permanent repair. A sleeve of lighter weight and compact design, the Style 126 provides maximum inside dimension clearance for repairing split or broken cast iron bells and leaking mechanical or coupled joints.

Style 126 Dresser Spec Sheet


Built to rigid Dresser specifications, Style 126 Split sleeves provide the time proven features of the Dresser rubber-packed gasket sealing design. Side bolts, which are fully enclosed within the sleeve body to prevent corrosion, are tightened to compress side gaskets providing a complete, permanent leak-proof seal. Carbon steel set screws are tightened against the enclosed follower ring, which compresses the end gaskets creating total circumferential sealing on the pipe.

  • Body : Cast or Malleable Iron
  • Vent Plug : Forged steel to ASTM A105 or Cast to ASTM A126-42 Class A
  • Followers : Cold-formed carbon steel
  • Bolts : Alloy to AWWA C111/ANSI A21.11
  • Gaskets : Grade 29 - Spec 328
  • Kevlar Reinforced Rubber
  • Set Screws : Carbon steel
  • Cadmium plated
  • Coating : Dresser shopcoat standard; Fusion-bonded Epoxy optional

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