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About Us

Watermainsupply is a leading Waterworks Equipment, Plumbing and Water Pump supplier for residential and commercial customers. We are authorized distributor for A.Y. McDonalds and other leading brands, offering competitive prices, superior product knowledge and hassle-free online shopping experience for customers in United States.  Our products & services include;

  • Water Works Equipment Supplier: We offer following waterworks supplies

      • Ductile Iron Pipe, PVC Pipe, Steel Pipe, Sewage Pipe, Storm Drain Pipe
      • No-Lead Brass Fittings
      • Fire Hydrants and Resilient Wedge Gate Valves, Butterfly Valve, Check Valves
      • Watermain Fittings including Ductile Iron and PVC fittings
      • Pipe Couplings, Tools & Castings
  • Pump Supplier: We offer following centrifugal pumps for water well, sump basin, irrigation, pressure boost, dewatering and many other residential and commercial application.
      • Sump Pump
      • Submersible Pump
      • Jet Pump
      • Booster Pump
      • Dewatering Pump
      • Irrigation Pump
      • Pressure Tanks and Pump Repair Parts
  • Pumping Equipment and Service: Watermain supply offers complete suite for centrifugal pump, motor, tank, along with customized solutions and manufacturer warranty.

  • Plumbing Supply StoreWatermain supply sells, PVC, Malleable Iron & Brass plumbing supplies

  • Water Pump Supplier: Watermain supply sells centrifugal pumps that are used in water wells to pump potable drinking water.
Our principals have over 15 years of experience in manufacturing, engineering and distribution business. Our extensive collection of parts, product literature and user-friendly website, along with sales and support team is ready to assist on your next Waterworks, Pump or Plumbing needs.