Style 665 | Tapping Sleeve | Stainless Steel | MJ Outlet 2

Nominal Size: 12 in x 4 in
OD Range: 14.10 in to 14.58 in
SKU: 665-142504MJ-000
Weight: 70.9999 lb
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Product Features:
  • Stainless Steel tapping sleeve with epoxy-coated Carbon Steel flange and removable bolts. For tapping reducing and size-on-size flanged outlets 
  • Easy to install 
  • Range helps reduce inventory 
  • Meets applicable AWWA C223 Standards 
  • Molded-in ring in the gasket to ensure effective sealing 
  • Nylon washers to improve bolt torque capability 
  • Heavy gauge all-Stainless Steel body for rugged performance 
  • Fully chemically passivated for maximum corrosion protection 
  • test outlet to allow hydrostatic pressure test before tapping the pipe 
  • 360 seal provides maximum support and reinforcement around the pipe in case of pipe break 
  • Body drawn out to accept the outlet neck adding to the overall strength of the area under the most stress

Style 665 Smith Blair Spec Sheet


  • Full circumference band. 18-8 type 304 Stainless Steel 
  • FLANGES AWWA C207 Class D ANSI 150# drilling. Recessed for Tapping Valve per MSS-SP 60. Fusion-Bonded Flexi-Coat epoxy coated Carbon Steel Optional Other types of Flanges threaded outlets MJ Outlets 
  • GASKET Nitrile (Buna-N) NSF-61 compounded to resist water oil acids alkalies most (aliphatic) hydrocarbon fluids and many chemicals 

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