Style 413 | Steel Transition Coupling

Nominal Size: 2 in
OD Range Inlet: 1.94 in to 2.06 in
OD Range Outlet: 1.94 in to 2.06 in
SKU: 413-02000200-103
Weight: 8.0 lb
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Product Features:
  • Used to connect pipes of different outside diameters when the maximum O.D. variation does not exceed the listed coupling O.D. range.
  • Application Joining plain end pipe of different diameters within the same nominal pipe size.
  • Meets applicable AWWA C219 Standards
  • Allows for limited expansion and contraction
  • Will dampen vibration to reduce pipe fatigue
  • Easy to install no special pipe end preparation required
  • Available in a wide variety of pipe O.D. sizes and sleeve lengths
  • Most sizes will accommodate anchor studs to restrain the joints
  • Can be custom made to fit odd O.D.s or other unusual applications
  • Provided with or without pipe stops to accommodate customer needs
  • Has good deflection capabilities allows change in piping direction without the need of elbows bends etc

Style 413 Smith Blair Spec Sheet


  • SLEEVE ASTM A53 ASTM A513 or Carbon Steel having a minimum yield of 30000 PSI
  • FOLLOWERS Ductile Iron ASTM A536 or Steel AISI C 1020. Designed for a high strength to weight ratio Follower thickness determined by coupling size
  • BOLTS & NUTS High strength low alloy Steel with heavy semi-finished hexagon nuts. Optional Stainless Steel
  • GASKET Nitrile (Buna N) NSF 61 compounded to produce superior storage and performance characteristics while resisting water acids alkalies most (aliphatic) hydrocarbon fluids and other chemicals
  • Temperature Range -20F to 180F
  • FINISH Flexi-Coat Fusion Bonded Epoxy Finish
  • Working Pressure Up to 150 PSI Pipe Applications PVC Steel Ductile Iron AC and others.

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