Style 921 | Flanged Coupling Adapter | Top Bolt

Nominal Size: 2 in
OD Range: 2.13 in to 2.95 in
SKU: 921-02950200-031
Weight: 8.0 lb
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Product Features:
  • A fabricated Steel flanged coupling adapter that can seal a wide range of pipe ODs in a nominal size.
  • Application Connects a wide variety of plain-end pipe to flanged fittings meters valves and otherflanged equipment.
  • Removable/replaceable channeled inner gaskets which makes the 921 the only FCA in which you can remove the inner gasket without changing the part
  • Bi-directional gaskets can be inserted either way less chance for mistakes
  • Corrugated armor design to reduce friction between gaskets and armor for better seating and to prevent finish gouging
  • Lightweight construction for easier handling quicker job installations
  • Two-piece flange design (coupling end) that can be disassembled on job site for gasket replacement if required
  • Stab-Fit which makes pipe fitting easier and quicker
  • Proprietary Flexi-Coat Fusion-Bonded coating on body and hardware to reduce friction and help prevent corrosion points

Style 921 Smith Blair Spec Sheet


  • SLEEVE Carbon Steel
  • FLANGE 3-12 AWWA C207 Class D ANSI 150 lb. drilling. 2 size is standard meter coupling flange
  • RING Carbon Steel
  • GASKET Nitrile (Buna N) certified to NSF/ANSI 61
  • BOLTS 304 Stainless Steel with Flexi-Coat Fusion bonded Epoxy Finish
  • NUTS Heavy hex head 304 Stainless Steel fluoropolymer coating
  • FINISH Flexi-Coat Smith-Blairs proprietary Fusion-Bonded epoxy finish 12-15 mils thick
  • Pipe Applications Ductile Iron Steel PVC Copper Asbestos Cement HDPE (with pipe stiffeners)

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