Sludgemaster | Dewatering Pump

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Weight: 69.9999 lb
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The benefits of air-powered SludgeMaster are varied and unique. Immediate use: simply hook up compressed air supply, lower through manhole, or into sump or fluid to be pumped. The SludgeMaster has no fuel tanks to run empty, no gas cans to carry, no electrical connections, no electric motors to overload. High capacity, low head operation to meet nearly every emergency or daily-use application.

The SludgeMaster keeps pumping without clogging on most problem jobs, and won’t choke up on small trash. Can run dry with no damage. Self-draining to prevent damage in below-freezing weather. Sturdily built for rough handling and long-life endurance on land, at sea or offshore: cast iron & steel for wear, aluminum for weight-saving.

Technical Details
  • Features:
  • Powered by a compressed air powered motor with easily adjusted variable flow and pressure control.
  • Up to 65’ shut-off head.
  • Self-priming. Submersible when exhaust air is piped above surface. No suction hose needed.
  • Weighs just 59 lbs. Only 23” high. Air inlet 1/2” NPT.
  • Fits through openings as small as 14” diameter.
  • Fool-proof design: open two-vane low-speed trash-type cast iron impeller handles abrasive substances with less wear.
  • Continuous automatic lubrication: internal oiler
  • oil-bath lubricated shaft seal; needs only one pint every 50 hours of use.
  • Built-in speed-limiting governor prevents damage to pump if run dry for extended periods of time.

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