CP300 Constant Preasure Package

Series: 23000
Horse Power: 3
GPM: 10
SKU: 23300K3CP
Weight: 107.9999 lb
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This controller provides constant water pressure using state of the art electronics to drive and enhance the performance of a standard submersible pump. The pressure in a well system is monitored and regulated by the pressure sensor to continually adjust the pump motor speed to meet water supply demands. It eliminates the pressure cycling associated with a conventional well system. SubDrive can deliver dependable constant pressure to provide water well owners with a premium water system.

APPLICATIONS SubDrive 300 constant pressure controller is designed for use with a McDonald 3 HP pump end mounted to a 5 HP, 230 volt A.Y. McDonald three phase motor. Using singlephase input, this innovative variable speed controller can be used to provide constant pressure in applications with a wide range of flow demand including large homes, ground source heat pumps, and sprinkler systems. Also designed to handle high capacities, SubDrive 300 is perfect for larger applications where constant pressure is essential: commercial landscaping, small livestock operations, nurseries, even some rare residential applications.

Technical Details
  • Constant water pressure with a wide range of settings (0-100 pressure transducer)
  • Single-phase input power - FE Connect Smartphone app for advanced settings and monitoring (NEMA 3R only)
  • User-configurable motor frequency range (NEMA 3R only)
  • Easy installation
  • Soft-start feature prevents water hammer and increases motor life
  • Works with small pressure tanks or existing larger tanks
  • Advanced filtering to remove radio frequency interference
  • UL and cUL listed
  • Built-in diagnostics and protection
  • Surge protection
  • Underload
  • Undervoltage
  • Locked pump
  • Open circuit
  • Short circuit
  • Overheated controller
  • Broken pipe detection (NEMA 3R only) Model

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